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Guiomar offers a one-of-a-kind collection, which is inspired by the craftsmanship inherited from her family of tailors.  The clothes, a soft couture style, draws its vibrance from the blue and green colors, of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.  Guiomar composes with fabrics like silk organza, cotton organdy, and taffeta, creating whimsical silhouettes.

A source of inspiration for Guiomar has been the structural construction of Charles James, as seen in the "Pilar green silk dress," that portrays the brand's concept that “an organized construction can collapse into chaos at a given time to create beauty.”


Guiomar supports sustainability.  She makes timeless pieces that are custom-made clothing, with every piece portraying its own story of style, theater and fashion. 

By using minimum waste and designing a collection comprised of investment pieces that are meant to last, Guiomar aspires to contribute to increase awareness about the way clothes should be produced and consumed today.

The brand attracts the creative, eccentric and the bohemian who are confident woman who dress to express.   It is Guiomar goal to create a style that will make its clients look and feel fabulously the best.



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