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What A Client Had to Say
Our great friend and muse, Sarah Friend:


“...the black gown with the feathers made me feel like a princess with a passion for high fashion. it is beautifully made, and the fabrics are exquisite. nothing feels better than a full train skirt in black silk. the red feathers add a touch of whimsy to the spectacular gown. i love the see--through torso which is just a little risque!” 

“...the blue silk dress is deconstructed with stitching that shows. the one sleeve hangs loose from the fitted bodice and the other shoulder has a spaghetti strap and a bare arm. the blue silk reminds me of the Caribbean sea and it swishes when you walk like the waves. at the bottom is beautiful blue fur that makes the dress extra special and adds that true couture feeling. I love the length because you can wear the dress for cocktail or formal affairs just by changing the jewelry. I feel like I could go to the Oscars in this dress.”

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